I've been working on again/off again on trying to get my Pre to sync with the mobility solution and in my last attempt I got my calendar to finally sync, but email was giving me just 16 items that wouldn't pull down completely so I'm back at the drawing board.

Up to this point, I've had my local server's firewall turned off, so decided to turn it on to see if I could find any information there about the communications taking place. After opening ports 80, 443 and 8120, I may have stumbled across the reason for my syncing issue and am hoping that someone can either confirm or deny it.

When I performed refreshes on my mobile, I could find events on the Data Synchronizer Server's firewall which essentially shown the following transaction taking place:
SFW2-INext-ACC-TCP IN=eth0 OUT= SRC=[Firewall-IP] DST=[Sync-IP] SPT=15777 DPT=443

Shortly followed by:
SFW2-OUT-ERROR IN= OUT=eth0 SRC=[Sync-IP] DST=[Firewall-IP] SPT=443 DPT=15576

I'm not a firewall specialist, but it appears to me that the synchronization might not be taking place because the return communication is trying to go back over a different port.

I was able to find some of the "successful" communications, and the differences appear to be that the [Firewall-IP] is replaced with [Mobile-IP] and that the source and destination ports do appear to swap for the reverse communication.

Can anyone out there confirm or deny this taking place on their system if it is experiencing similar issues?