I need to add DHCP Option 150. I am on Novell 6.5 SP7 and the DNS/DHCP Manager does not have option 150 and will not let me create a Option 150. How do I do that so my WLAN Phone can talk to my Cisco Call Manager server? Thanks

"Basically, your phones look for DHCP option 150 to pull the config from callmanager via TFTP. In the windows world, this was done by manually adding option 150 in the DHCP scope options box. I would think there is an equivalent method in Novell. Set the server to your callmanager IP address for option 150. If it’s working correctly, you should see the CM IP under the IPv4 network config page on the phone. It will be listed under TFTP Server. Hope this helps; let me know if you have any questions."