Maybe not strictly an iPrint thing, but I couldn't find anywhere more suitable.
We are currently getting an issue - 'it's not big enough to be called a problem but it has become very irritating' - where the console screen of our Print server constantly has error messages similar to:

13-04-2010 8:29:26 am: NDPSGW-4.1-0
Printer Agent: '1234', could not resolve host name

If you go to NWAdmin and look at the server object > details > error logs, you will find a corresponding message:

13-04-2010 8:29:26 am: NDPSGW-4.1-0
Severity = 1 Locus = 17 Class = 19
Printer Agent: '1234', could not resolve host name

If you then look at the printer agent in the NDPS Manager console screen, the printer will state that it 'Needs Attention'. If you drill down one layer the 'Status Details' are either 'Can not ping printer' or 'LPR Communication Failed'.

If you go to the printer you will invariably find that it is switched off. Switch it on and all of the error messages stop appearing.

Could I ask, why are we getting all of these errors when the main problem appears to be that the printer is just switched off? Surely this should not happen and if it shouldn't, how do I stop them from appearing?

NB. The printers are in DHCP and DNS and there are no typo's,

I've checked many times! You can ping them, when they are

switched on. I'm not sure if it's relevant but you can't access

the web admin pages on those that I tried! The printers are all


Many thanks for any advice.