Okay - so we all know that I'm a geek - or should by now. I've put together a
Mac Media Center with a Mini Mac, and I was really happy that Comcast in Denver
was still allowing QAM channels (basically clear channels over the cable that
didn't need a cable box), but the writing was on the wall, so I was trying to
figure out how my Mac was going to receive cable signals through the cable box,
and have the program (EyeTV) actually plan the scheduling of recording, etc. I
got one of these


This has got to be the most un-sexy peripheral I've ever purchased. But it just
AMAZES me. It's an "IR Blaster" that sends IR signals to the cable box whenever
EyeTV needs to change the channel. If you manually change the channel in
EyeTV, it sends an Applescript command that instructs ZephIR to change the
channel, the ZephIR sends the IR commands and the channel changes. If EyeTV
schedules a program for tonight at 11:00p.m., EyeTV creates an Applescript that
is scheduled to run at 11:00 p.m., which changes the channel.

It took honestly 4 minutes to setup. You plug it in, tell ZephIR what kind of a
device it's controlling, tell EyeTV the "name" of the device you created in
ZephIR and it's done.

I've just been sitting here all night changing the channel to see if I can get
it to fail <heehee>.

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