Ok, I must admit I'm curious about the Mac...

So I am considering one of the new Macbooks and just want to know if
there are any gotchyas?

I was looking at 15" and two models only have 256meg of ram on the
graphics card - it strikes me as a tad on the light side. I'd be going
for the high resolution display (was suprised that the 15" doesn't do
1920x*) and there would probably only be one game that I would play on
it (Starcraft II - if/when it comes out).

The other question comes on actual RAM, 4gig, or 8gig. I run 8gig on
my PC, 4gig on my Notebook, and would like to make sure that my
experience with the computer isn't tainted by under performance - but
at the same time don't want to spend a lot of money on something that I
might hate.
I'd probably grab VMware Fusion too, for the occassional Windows app
that I can't do without, so I guess how memory hungry are Macs?

Comments, advice, flames...