I am trying to configure one of our iprint queues to accept authentication via the iPrint client but without the Novell Client installed.

We have NW65SP8b on our servers and the latest iprint client. (5.32)

In most part I have managed this but my issue is actually with the username used to send the job:

1. I have created a queue and enabled the high security (inc. ticked ssl)
2. Installed the Iprint client on the workstation (5.32) and the printer.
3. NOT installed the Novell client.
4. Been prompted for login and succesfully authenticated using EDir (8.8) credentials.
5. Sent and printed a print job.

However that job gets sent as .userid01.usr.sta. and not userid01

For my purposes (tracking and auditing) it is imperative that the job comes from just userid01

I understand that iPrint authnetication without a Novell client uses the LDAP UID. However an LDAP query against my EDir confirms that the LDAP mapping is returning the UID as userid01. UniqueID in EDir.

Also when looking in the Iprint client, passwords tab my LDAP_DN, LDAP and Edir usernames are all simply userid01

Can anyone advise if there is anyway to alter what name the job is sent as even if the UID is aleady completely unqualified.

Kind Regards,

Mark Needham