Just reinstalled my server, installed the latest Mobility build and resynced my Mobile (Motorola Milestone).
Mail - ok
Contacts - ok
Calendars - very few (public holiday entered as posted reminder notes) are showing up on the Calendar on the mobile. Monitor of Mobility claims that 493 items were synched, but where on earth are they? Further my GW calendar has 3068 elements (I use it since quite a while and created all birthday's till 2020...)

- New events from the mobile are synched to GW, GW to mobile does not work (regular & posted).
- Events created on the mobile can be edited on GW, but changes are not synched.
- Delete event in GW does delete it on mobile...

My 'test' user might be a bit complicated as it has quite some history (can't remember, but I think I started with GW6.5 on NetWare where I migrated some outlook data into GW), but I guess such user also exist in corporate environments...

If I need to send some logs, let me know.