On my NW65SP6 servers I have these expired certificates.
DNS AG Server.name.gov & IP AG 10.x.x.x. – ServerName
Pkidiag recreated the SSL certificates, but not these AG certificates:
In console1 object properties of the AG certificates, if click on replace, it prompts the following:
“this operation will replace all of the keys and certificates stored in this server certificate object with the keys and certificates contained in a PKCS12 file. Once replaced the keys and certificates will be unrecoverable. Do you want to proceed?”

Is this what I want to do to recreate them since they are expired? Or,
If I should use imanager to renew them, what option in imgr do I want? (we have imgr v2.60)

TID 3031165 explains something like this, but I don’t understand it.
Please advise.