MachineA: eDirectory88SP5, and ifolder3.8 configured on sles11 x864.
MachineB: eDirectory88SP5 configured as an additional edir server.

on MachineB I want to configure the iFolder as master server(on MachineA ifolder is already configured as a Master Server), for that I execute following command

/usr/bin/simias-server-setup --ldap-server=eDir.server.IP.addr --prompt


----- SERVER'S DATA PATH -----
Path to the server's data files

Server's Data Path? [/var/simias/data]: 
onslave : setting to true

----- SERVER NAME -----
The name of this server
as you can see, onslave : setting to true this server automatically going to configure as a slave(or it automatically detects the Master), and I dont want this.
To resolve the issue, I even uninstall the ifolder and delete the /usr/lib64/simias directory, then install the ifolder, but no luck i.e whenever I run the simias-server-setup, it automatically tries to configure as a slave.

Please help me configure another iFolder server as a Master in the same eDirectory tree.

I know this is a strange setup, because there is no benefit of configuring multiple iFolder Master servers, but please help me doing this