Stewie, one of our cats had an ulcer on his eye.

My partner took him to the vet yesterday and the vet made an
appointment for surgery for that day with a specialist.

A very concerned girlfriend took him to the specialist where she was
told that normally they could get away with scrapping the ulcer off,
however in this situation it was recommended that he have surgery.

Stewie had the surgery and adding insult to injury it looks like he had
a bit of a chest infection too :-(

Now his right eye is sewn shut for 10 days.

I tend to be really good with cats, even the most timid I can typically
coax in to coming and accepting attention; our cats just don't back
away from me. Stewie did when I came home last night :-(
He's really really unhappy and sulks for ages when he gets eye drops
and given some antibiotics, very out of character.

I bought some ham to give him as a reward which helped a little, will
get some shredded chicken tomorrow...

One of those times where you just wish that you could accelerate time
or make your pet understand why it's happening. :-(