We're currently working on configuring iFolder 3.8 for our company (For both Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Enterprise x64) and one issue I'm running into right now is that we want the iFolder location to be %userprofile%\My Documents\ifolder , but when we specify that in the AutoAccount.xml file, it always appends the username to the end of what I specify and uses that as the default save directory instead.

So, instead of syncing c:\documents and settings\myname\my documents\ifolder, it's instead syncing c:\documents and settings\%username%\my documents\ifolder\%username%, which we definitely do not want. I haven't been able to find any reason or documentation as to why it's doing this, so if anyone could please provide a fix or help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The other issue I'm seeing is of lesser importance, but still annoying - we have quite a few machines which are shared by multiple users, and iFolder so far doesn't seem to handle this very well, as when I install the program, it only seems to only install for the current logged in user, as I don't see it under add/remove programs for any other users, nor does it start up or copy the AutoAccount.xml to any other profiles (I'm guessing we will have to script copying this into every single profile, which seems like something which ought to be included). If anyone has ideas or workarounds for this as well, please let me know.