Hi everyone,

This is in reference to iFolder 3.7 or 3.8 (the one that comes with OES2SP2)

I was looking for a way to install the iFolder Web Access component on a separate, dedicated, server than the iFolder Enterprise Server component and obviously having eDirectory run on it (as Novell for some mysterious reason requires it) didn't sound logical for me and was unaccepted really. Unfortunately I didn't find anything yet on the documentation or the knowledge base or the support forums.

So I decided to hack my way through the installation process (not really a hack, but it is not a standard installation) and on the second server that I am planning to install just the iFolder Web Access component I started the OES Installation and Configuration --> Selected iFolder --> Here it automatically selects eDir to be installed and configured on the server --> I deselected eDir --> Clicked Next --> Here it gave the RPM Dependency conflict saying iFolder NEEDS eDir --> I told it to ignore the error and proceed --> and to my surprise the wizard started the configuration --> I customized the various components (mainly LUM) to point to my main eDir server --> And on the iFolder component I only chose the iFolder Web Access and pointed it to my main server where eDir and iFolder Server reside --> And the wizard accepted my inputs, did all the configurations and finished without a hitch!!!!

I didn't believe it at first, so I logged in to the iFolder admin, provisioned and user and then went to the new server iFolder Web Access URL and logged in as that user and it worked like a charm!!!

It works and I am happy :)

I really would like someone to explain to me WHY on earth would Novell have such an irrational requirement for iFolder? I want to install iFolder Web Access on a dedicated server for better scalability and performance and I might need to place it in the DMZ for security reasons, WHY would I have to be burdened by eDirectory on this server which will create ALL kinds of problems for me specifically if it is placed in the DMZ with all kinds of ports being restricted! How will this eDirectory server be secure? How will it synchronize its replicas from within the DMZ?

Am I missing something here? Please let me know if there is a better, standard way of doing this WITHOUT eDirectory on the same box

Hope the above helps someone