Since the last update from our Citrix server+client, we are suffering from very slow print performance, when the user try to print a document.
Printers are all local iprinters, and these are created on the citrix server when session is established (using citrix universal drivers). If we use pure windows printing than everything is smooth and fast. If we use an old version of citrix client (v9.200.44376) then is also fast.

Citrix is on a W2K8 Std. Ed. 64b , version XENAP 5.0
Remote Citrix Clients are connecting with v12.0.0.6400
The remote stations are XP SP3 with Novell Client 4.91 SP4/SP5 + iPrint 4.32 (or higher).

So does anybody knows how can we fix this using the last version??
(or do we have to follow the advise of the citrix people...)

Thanks in advance,

Ricard Malvesi