It started with drive mappings failing with 8804 errors. So I removed the
client and reinstalled it. Now I don't get the failed drive mappings - yay!
But wait, there is sadness - it is because I can not actually login to even
run a login script - boohoo :-(.

The errors I am getting are:

1.) "username.context is not a valid user object".
2.) Clicking on the "Contexts" button in the "Advanced" drop down in the
login dialog box produces the error "cannot access tree". However clicking
on the "Tree" Button brings up a selection of trees. We have only one and it
shows up. Also, clicking on the "Servers" button also produces a list of
servers. Hey two out of three ain't bad eh?
3.) LDAP contextless login does not work - the context field does not get
populated and no errors are produced. You put in your name, hit tab to the
"Password" field, and the Context field remains unpopulated.

I've tried both the current client - 2.0 sp2 patch2 - and the prior client.

I am running openSUSE 11.1, KDE SC 4.3.5, Linux

Sadly both clients were working to some extent but now... Clearly something
must have changed on my system - but what and how to find it, that is the
question. Any clues, tips, etc?