Hello all, I'm heading up the deployment of our new ZENworks system. We're doing basically an all manual migration from eDir with ZEN 7 to AD with ZEN 10. This is my first ZENworks install and so far it's been going pretty well.

I'm running into issues assigning application bundles to Active Directory Security Groups:

I'm running an all Windows Server 2008 SP2 environment.

BIZ-DC1 is my main domain controller for biz.local
BIZ-ZEN is my Zenworks primary.

I have several bundles created, and I'm testing different scenarios as I go.

I have currently four bundles to be assigned to the IT department, such as MSTC, linkes to ZEN Control Center, MRTG, etc...

So The links are all working, if I assign them to, say, my entire User source, the AD domain icon shows up in ZAW. I can successfully assign a bundle directly to an AD user object, icon shows up in ZAW.

I've created a Group named BIZ-IT-ADMIN in active directory, it's a standard global security group, and I've put my AD user account into that Group.

Zenworks sees that, it shows the correct path in AD to my user object, and the group object. When I assign a bundle to that group. ZENworks shows that that bundle is assigned, and when I look at my AD user's object in Zenworks it shows that I am supposed to have that bundle inherently, albeit the deployment status is unknown for that bundle, but the icon doesn't show up in ZAW.

I've tried this a few different ways, with different users.

We are on ZENworks on Windows Server 2008 Std.
Active Directory Windows Server 2003 mode running on Windows Server 2008

Am I missing something?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Luke