I've been instructed to deploy iFolder on OES using AD for iFolder for authentication. I do not have authority to make schema changes to either AD or our edir.

I have a new master iFolder 3.8 on OES without any edir pointing to Active Directory running and all indications are that it is functioning properly. When I build a slave server, it does appear in the master's web admin server tab. The slave shows as being able to accept user provisioning, but I am unable to see any details of the slave server when selecting the slave in the Servers tab of the admin page.

Though I've configured both the /admin & /ifolder pages on the slave, I am unable to login to either page with a prompt of " please re-enter your username and password".

Please bear with me as I've been fighting with this going on two weeks and I've tried to be as thorough as possible in testing and tinkering and as such have quite a bit of information regarding my observations. I've gone through several builds / rebuilds of the entire environment trying to get some demonstrable functionality in the slave.

Since I am not installing any edir, I run the simias-server-setup scripts directly for both the master and slave. The master completes with errors specific to extending the AD schema. The Slave setup errors don't appear to be as innocuous.

I had one partial success when after initially configuring the slave, going back and manually removing the following line from the simias.config file
<setting name="MasterAddress" value="http://private ip redacted:80/simias10" />
and aping some more of the master's config file in an attempt to brute force it into a master and this worked. The slave was able to run as a "master" unaware of the other master.
I went back and undid the changes to the slaves simias.config file returning it to its initial slave config, and the slave then appeared "online" and was manageable in the masters admin page.
In this condition one setback was that a user ifolder client pointing to the master server would not be handed off to the slave server if the user was not provisioned for the master server, nor would the slave hand off if contacted by a client the user was provisioned for the master.
Additionally, though I could re-provision a user from master to slave using the web admin page, the "provision status" would never indicate beyond 10% complete, though the amount of user data was only a few megabytes.

Any suggestions?