I'm amazed at all the negative comments by people on Google Apps. Well,
maybe amazed it a bit strong.

Every option I've looked at gets hammered with negative comments.
Always somethings about how horrible this option is or that option. I
get the "Oh, man. You will regret that." statements a lot.

So, here you go. Wanna know why I chose Google Apps.
1. Outlook sync connector actually works and works well and was included
with the service.
2. I don't have to buy or maintain the equipment or software.
3. The users like the web interface because it's simple and easy to use.
4. It was free (non-profit organization).

I've looked at exchange and hosted exchange. Very costly. Looked at
Groupwise, but was told the outlook connector was crappy and is no
longer supported. Was also costly. Looked at Zimbra, Scalix, Open
Exchange, etc. Everyone of them got many negative reviews from users
because of this thing or that.

So I ask you all rhetorically, what should I use? Seems everything is
**** and I'm gonna be sorry I used it. :P

For the record Google fit our bill quite nicely. Maybe Google owns our
data, but frankly so did every other hosted service I looked at.