I work at Muhlenberg College. For a couple years Jacy Good, who graduated in '08, worked in our Student Help Desk. When she graduated, we were of course happy, but selfishly lamenting the loss of a really great student worker, colleague, friend.

The evening Jacy graduated, after bidding her friends and fellow graduates a temporary farewell, she and her parents were driving home, perhaps a 45 minute drive.

Their car collided with another vehicle - its driver was using a phone while driving.

The accident killed both her parents. Jacy survived the crash, barely, and after many months has lost the use of her arm, and now walks with a permanent limp, and other complications.

She will appear on Oprah, at 4PM EST today along with other people who have been impacted by the thoughtless use of mobile devices. ( I can't believe I'm saying this ) So I hope you will take time to watch this Oprah segment.

Jacy's Video Interview

Pieces of Jacy's PSA

You may think you are some how immune to the weirding ways of these mobile devices - or that your "way smarter than those other idiots" and that it doesn't impact your driving. But your wrong.

-- Bob