We just setup the Data Synchronizer with Mobility Pack this week and are having various errors with my iPhone that we're starting to test with.

I can connect to the server with the phone and e-mail downloads. I see the known issue of Move to Folder e-mails still showing up in my mailbox.

I also see that all my folders appear in my list under Inbox, but it is a completely flat structure and in alphabetical order, regardless of if folders should be nested.

I cannot get contacts or calendar items to sync at all.

The weirdest thing is, the first time I connected my phone with the account, I saw my e-mail looking perfect, folders were nested under Cabinet appropriately and Calendars were all there, including a sub-calendar that I do not own. Contacts were not working, so I tried removing the account from my phone and starting over and that's when things started looking more messed up like they do now.

I've removed my device from the Data Synchronizer site and deleted my account several times and still have the same results (no calendar, no contacts, flat folders).

In the web admin when I get view the user status for myself, I see the following:

Events From Sync Engine Pending Conversion 0

Event Errors Waiting to Sync to Device 20
Converted Events Syncing to Device 158
Pending Events From Device 0
Items Synced to Device 699
Device Events Sent to Sync Engine 0

The stats sit like this forever and I think only the Items Synced to Device changes as I get new mail. I know there must be some logs on the server that I can start looking into but I don't know where to find them. If you have any advice or can point me where to start looking that would be awesome.