As some of you on Facebook heard, I'm the unexpected owner of an iPad, and so
now I have some first-hand experience with it (more than just playing with it in
the store).

I will first say "cool" just to annoy Kim <heehee>.

The keyboard is very easy to get used to for iPad optimized apps. If the app is
an "iPhone" app that is being used on the iPad, the keyboard layout is just
slightly different. So, if you move back and forth between iPad apps and iPhone
apps you have to take a second to adjust. The only annoyance that I see with
the keyboard, is like with all iPhone apps, the developer seems to decide what
keys you will want the most for that app (for example, email has an @ key on the
main screen, Safari has a question mark and exclamation point). For a real
"keyboard" person, I'd prefer the soft keyboard always have the same keys in the
same places for each app. I realize that not everyone is a touch typist though,
and probably doesn't even really know where the @ sign is located on their
computer keyboard <g>, so having it on a soft key down next to the "M" might
seem useful! But really, while you use the @ sign often when you send an email,
if the recipient is in your contacts, you do not, and you use many more
punctuation marks while typing your missive than the @ sign! This is not new to
the iPad though, but since the iPad really lends itself more to "true" touch
typing it's more noticeable than on the iPhone for me at least.

Some of the uses I've found thus far (I've only really had it for one full day
at this point) are:

* putting all of the recipies that are in files on my Mac on the iPad - last
night I just placed the iPad on the kitchen table, away from "stuff" and avoided
having to print out a recipe to make dinner.

* Reading - books, magazines, newspapers

* ssh to servers to fix something quickly

* playing checkers with my son while we waited for him to be picked up by the
other car pool Mom!

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