Here's a very strange problem I have encountered with iPrint on OES2.

We have a HP DesignJet 4000 Printer that you can't assign any driver to it.
The driver installs fine into the driver store and profiles OK.

But when you try to access the drivers tab you get a screen like the attached screen dump.

However, If I shutdown the printer object, and edit the configuration to point to a different physical printer (such as a LaserJet), I can then assign a printer driver and profile to the printer object.

After this I can shutdown again and update the configuration to point to the correct printer again and all is well.

I'm thinking that the issues is that when iPrint talks to the device it returns the model information, in this case it's:-
HP Designjet 4000ps (42'' sized)

so my thinking that maybe iPrint is getting a bit teary when encounters a particular character.
Unfortunately I don't have any other printer that returns a string that iPrint doesn't like.