Just creating another iprint cluster resource and noticed misleading feedback from iprint_nss_relocate script (oes2sp2, fully patched to 30Apr10)

Look for existence of iprint LUM Group.
iPrint LUM group does not exist. Creating...
iprintgrp LUM Group creation status 1. Group with the same name exists
Adding iPrint LUM Group in Unix Workstation object of this server...
iprintgrp LUM Group addition status 0 :
Group modified successfully
iprint LUM group is created in container OU=Accounts,O=GLOBAL.
Look for existence of iprint LUM User.
iPrint LUM User already exists.
iPrint LUM User exists in container OU=Accounts,O=GLOBAL.


i.e. the group exists (we use same lum user and group for all instances)
it appears not to find it, tries to create - finds original, modifies and then reports it's created it...?!?

This appears to be purely cosmetic, but could be tidied up!! ;-)