(rarely do I post condescending threads, but this time is an exception)...

I have been working with iFolder v3.8 on openSUSE for the past week and have encountered so many bugs I honestly don't know how anyone could use this in a production environment! This open-source product has the potential to eliminate the need for dropbox, but so many bugs makes it totally unusable/unreliable.

* iFolder v3.7 "appliance" on a VM, then upgraded to v3.8
* No LDAP configuration - strictly local login
* Mac Desktop (10.6.3), Mac Laptop (10.6.3), Windows 7 clients

Problems encountered:
* No way to reset the user's password on the server (yes, I know about the "mono UserCmd.exe" command - this absolutely does NOT WORK. I tried numerous times and was always greeted with "invalid admin password")

* Running the "simias-server-setup" tool more than one time does not update the admin password. For example, the first time I ran the command, I used the password "test". The second time I ran the command, I used the password "password". The Simias.config file had the word "password" but I had to use "test" to login.

* If the directory structure or files on the iFolder server gets out-of-sync (removed/corrupted/etc files), the client never knows and the files will never get resync'ed. Worse yet, the iFolder server never scans the directory structure to make sure the DB matches the files/folders it manages. This is a HUGE flaw.

* If the client and server get out of sync too much, you have to completely DELETE the /var/data/simias/data folder on the server and re-run the "simias-server-setup" utility.

* On the Mac boxes, the sync process appeared to go without problems, however the directory structures on the iFolder server never matched in size with the client. As it turns out, many files were never transferred to the iFolder server, and the client-side log files had numerous "Policy-Type" errors. But, the client GUI never showed these errors. This means the clients all thought everything went smoothly, when in fact the client and server were ALWAYS out of sync! So, while you feel good about making backups to your iFolder server, your data will actually be GONE! Again, another HUGE flaw in the software.

* The "mono" application on the Mac would routinely continue to run after I quit the iFolder client. This means restarting the iFolder client would lead to the "you need to setup" dialog box or iFolder client completely locking up. I had to manually kill the iFolder client and mono processes many times.

* Using different network port numbers or NAT for security reasons absolutely will NOT work. I tried various combinations of NAT configurations on my router (Cisco and pfSense) and the clients would not connect.

* The installation process is riddled with potential gotchas - especially the SSL configuration. If the SSL configuration does not match 100% with iFolder, you will never be able to login as admin or access the iFolder server. I probably setup iFolder 20 times and finally remember all the right steps to making it work properly.

In the end, I found iFolder have a great client UI but is completely and utterly unreliable in keeping my data in tact and synchronized. Considering such great potential of the app, I am truly disappointed.

You have been warned!!!