Hi Everyone,
I have an issue when trying to create a printer profile, or print to a printer using the CP5220 Series PCL driver that is from HP's website or on the CD that comes with the printer. I initially created the printer on a print manager that was running 2.00a of iPrint, and the driver installed fine and I was able to download the printer and create profiles normally. However on version 2.12 of the code I get the local spooler service generate the following message:-

"Faulting application spoolsv.exe, version 5.1.2600.5512, faulting module hppccompio.dll, version, fault address 0x00001bc7."

This then kills the spooler service locally on any machine I download it to. Our workstations are running Windows Xp Pro SP3. I get the issue on any version of the iPrint client I have installed, so I know this isn't a client issue. I get a similar effect If I try to print to a printer with this driver assigned - the spooler service dies and the print job doesn't make it on the manager.

I've checked the mod_ipp directory on the affected managers and the drivers have been copied over from the store so I'm guessing the driver and the later version of the code are what's causing my issue. Interestingly enough the resource.zip that contains the driver files is smaller on the older version that works...however it contains exactly the same files as the one that doesn't work on the later version.

I suspect the driver is where my issue lies as the default install doesn't simply come as a .inf file with the associated files - it is a packaged setup that delivers language specific files and installs files differently depending on whether you choose and network install or a localised USB connection. I have tried running the network install and then generating a driver using UKDTOM's excellent print driver generator (Printer Driver Generator | Novell User Communities this gives me the same issue even with the generated driver. I have even used snapshot to capture the driver files that the install delivers and then manually extract these files from the driver CD to upload to the driver store...but this doesn't work either.

Have any of you had a similar issue? Is there any hope for this poor technician, and his desire to deliver A3 colour laser printing via iPrint? :)