The HP UPD is something we are going to adopt in an effort to support Windows7 and simplify my life uploading drivers!

I have noticed it very quite slow to install an iPrint printer using the HP UPD. I timed this at 5 minutes, which is quite a significant amount of time!

Installing a local printer, and choosing the HP UPD driver takes about 3 minutes.

I realise the HP UPD is quite large - its about 24MB.

I guess it could be the download of the driver to workstation thats slow, or the workstation itself that low on processor power (in the test it was a slow processor but I have seen this on faster processors too) to handle the setup on the printer on a local level.

Printer installation tends to be a one off event, and not something you do on a daily basis (unless you are a techie whose job is to setup machines and printers!), so I am sure its something we could live with, but I am asking the questions before I get lots of comments from our end users, because I am sure they will come!