We recently updated servers to NW65SP8, one server has Configured Roles and Tasks that i will like all servers to display. I've looked thru the 2.7.3 iManager Administrative guide, But i can't figure out how to display the same Roles and Tasks on all servers. If i go to the server that has roles and task i want, I select configure, role based services, only RBS Configuration appears, and under iMgr 2.x collections, there is a "Role Based.context object,,,
other servers display RBS Configuration and the "Role Based.context. object, but also display "plug-in studio", "edit member association", edit owner collections" .

I think maybe i need to export something from that one server to the other servers, but not sure what and how. If i follow the docs, it explains how to export custom tasks, i'm not sure they are custom because nothing is displays in any servers, also plug-in studio does not show on that one server.

Don't know if editing the "Role Based Service.context" on one server actually changes it for all servers? i don't want to mess up the one server that has roles and tasks i want.

i find it hard to explain, so i've attached an illustration of what i'm trying to explain.

Please advice, i'm confused.