I have a server that I have DFS installed and running on. This appears to work fine. There is one problem that I have encountered though:

On a share I have a folder that is not inheriting rights from it parent object. This works fine with DFS. When I create a new word document and try to save it in this folder with a different name other than the default (doc1.doc) I get an error saying that the user doesn't have permission, but I can save it as the default name of doc1.doc. I can then re-name the file to what I want from windows explorer, open it up in word, work on it and save it again. Even with the new file name I can't do a save-as and save it as a different file.

All the other folders under the share that inherit rights from the parent folder work.

eg save-as in \\server\share\folder or below works
save-as it in \\server\share\no_inheritance or below does not work

Anyone have any ideas?