I've got a website on one of my servers.. it's rarely used but it's been
working. I needed a place to test something and that page isn't used,
so I moved my content over to that folder to test. Everything works
great. I get a call from someone on the outside wanting to test it and
they can't see it.. page not found.

So here's what's odd.

www.xyz.com points to

If I go to www.xyz.com internally, it works just fine.

If I go to from the outside, it works. If I go to
www.xyz.com it doesn't. If I ping www.xyz.com it comes up with the
correct address. It's a straight 1 to 1 nat. Other sites on the server
(linux/apache) work fine. Somehow apache isn't directing the request to
the correct location despite the fact that it does so just fine
internally. I can't find any errors in the logs that indicate a
problem. Firewall shows the traffic being allowed through.

Really odd. (Yes I rebooted the server just to check that).