yesterday I was playing around with Mobility and suddenly thought about the following:
As fare as I understood the process, the Mobility engine keeps track of all events occurring and prepares them to be sent out to the devices of the respective user, right?
If that is the case, in a live environment, people will sync their mobile(s) and when they change the mobile, just do the setup and sync again, but never inform IT to delete the old device from the connector. Same if they loose their mobile.
After a while there will be quite a bunch of devices listed in the database, which actually will never ever sync again, but still the engine saves the events to be synced.
So here my idea: Add a search for devices that have not synced for 'n'-days (e.g. 60 days) and allow the admin to delete them to trim down the database and with it the load for the engine... Might not be mission critical, but a handy tool... maybe even implement a 'auto cleanup' function, that deletes devices after a configurable number of days of inactivity.

Wonder what you guys think about that idea...