Data Sync build 146 talking to mostly Motorola Droid phones on an 8 SP1 HP1 (Netware) post office. Odd problem on a few of our users. Email messages come "back from the dead." Deleted messages will continue to periodically disappear and reappear on the phone. Sometimes multiple copies will appear, then disappear, then be replaced by single copies of the messages.

It seems like not all events were being synced, like the mobility server was not being "notified" of the changes to the mailbox. It could take an hour or more to get changes made in the client onto the phone. I did some firewall adjusting that was mentioned in another post a few pages back, then ran a check on the mailboxes. Got some odd results relating to event records that referenced the mobility connector that needed fixing. Emails are syncing on time now, but I still have these phantom emails that pop up from time to time. Calendar, etc don't seem to be affected.

Anyone experiencing anything similar?