Hello all,

Installed the data synchronizer mobility pack yesterday and everything seems to almost be working. Let me tell you a little about our environment and then I will explain the problems. We are currently running groupwise 8.0.1 and trying to sync iphones so we can get rid of the notifylink product. For now we are not trying to sync any other type of cellular device. I set up a 64bit SLES 11 virtual machine with all the requirements listed in the installation guide. Installed the DSMP (data synchronizer mobility pack) through Yast and entered all the LDAP info and groupwise questions it asked. I didn't add users during the install but I did through the web based manager and also started both the groupwise connector and the mobility connecter.

When I added my first user to the groupwise connector it appeared to bring all of their contacts, inbox, calendar ect over and after I added the user to the mobility connector and synced her phone everything came over like it's suppose to. As of now everything still syncs perfectly with the device.

The next two users I added only brought over the users contacts but not bringing over the email and calendar. On the devices email can be sent correctly although emails are not being synced from groupwise to the device? I am not sure why one users email is being synced correctly and the other two are not??

If you would like to see my log files please let me know. I have been waiting for a product like this for a long time and am willing to help in development whenever or with whatever I can.

Much thanks,