Running ifolder 3.8 on SUSE Linux Ent 10 sp3 on ESXi VM.

I suspect there is a bug in ifolder 3.8 when synchronsation takes place.!!! I been testing 3.8 on few users and all cames back with issues and the time it takes to open ifolder 3.8.!!!

With large number of files it takes forever (4-5gb) but then not all is synchronised !! and if your try to sync again it will not fully synchronise al the files.

Wonder how brillant ifolder 2.18 which still running and no one to this date complained!! but since 3.8 cames I had issues and synchronsation problems!

The reason for me to implement 3.8 because it supports Windows 7 and Mac OS but it's very disappointing.!

Any ideas why this is happening or anyone else experiencing similar issues ?