Hi All

Do I have an issue or a misconception?

I have a OES 2 SP2 Server with DSFW installed

I have a NSS volume


With a NSS directory \\server1\WEB\DATA:intranet\website

I used iManager to setup the SAMBA share StudentWeb

smb.conf show

path = /media/nss/WEB/intranet
read only = no
inherit acls = yes
comment =

My understanding was that if I add an ACL for a group or user to the
website directory where the Group/user is within the DSFW domain then it
should appear on the other side.

I have a group called Staff-Intranet I can add it in NCP land with
rwcemfa, but cant see it from the samba side,
I can add the same group in SAMBA land and cant see the ACL in NCP land

What have I done wrong ?
Do I have to recreate the ACL's?
I thought that that was what inheret ACL should do ?

Anyone got any ideas ?

Thanks in advance