I am trying to get iPrint to work with a Windows 7 client. I have
downloaded and installed iprntnw65sp8b-2, unloaded the print components
and re-loaded on the server.

I have downloaded and installed nipp532 to to the Windows 7 workstation.

When I try to go to my list of printers via http://servername/ipp and
add a printer, I receive the following error:

Error message: iPrint Client: No printer driver has been associated with
this printer
Error group: iPrint client
Error code: 65550

I have looked at the settings for the specific printer via iManager
2.7.3 for the printer agent. There is no indicator for a Windows 7
driver but there is one for XP and Vista. I have associated the driver
for both of these.

Anyone got this successfully to work and/or know what I am missing?