I don't use Outlook. Other than testing and learning I rarely even open
it so understandably I don't know all that much about it's features.
However, today was one of those days I was just sure I was missing

I had a user tell me that, after I moved them over to google apps, that
they lost the ability to automatically add an email address to contacts
upon replying to an email. Well, I'm use to this being a common
feature. All sorts of email clients have this feature.

To make matters worse they are positive that this feature existed before
switching to google apps. Of course I'm thinking here's a handy feature
that just got trashed by the google sync client. Turns out Outlook 2003
and above don't have this feature and never have. At least that's what
I've found doing my research (on google :P).

If you want this feature you have to buy a third party add-on. Needless
to say when I told them that Outlook doesn't include this feature they
were flabbergasted. I got to hear how they version they use at home has
it. When I did a little more digging it turns out they are using
Outlook Express at home which does have this feature.

So I'm currently banging my head off my desk. Getting a bit dizzy.
Probably from loss of blood or the bruised brain. Don't care. DOnt
ccaareeeee.......... fasld kfvied skfn flsdfn sldmnfdlf. df akfmsk
fkdnvoe'd anf.