So I'm told today that all the e-mails are being blocked by spam filters
because we are using gmail. Naturally I dig into this because this is a
major major problem and would be a deal killer of large proportions.

So first of all I find that it's one e-mail that has been blocked on one
users computer. Not even the users computer who is complaining.
However this is still a problem as it's the local hospital and we do
business with them. So upon further investigation and before calling
the hospital to figure out how to solve the problem I look at the
returned e-mail message.

What's the first thing you do when you receive a bounced e-mail? Well,
I check to make sure the address is correct. It looks correct at first
glance so I do a domain check by copy and paste in the address bar. Low
and behold I get an ad driven site. So I'm thinking domain is spelled
wrong or is completely the wrong domain. Well it turns out it's spelled
wrong (missing an 's').

So I go back to the user who sent the bounced e-mail and explained that
the e-mail address was spelled wrong and showed them the mistake.
E-mail goes without problems.

Of course I make a point of telling the other person exactly what the
problem was and that gmail wasn't being blocked by a spam filter.

Some days I would like find a nice cozy rock and crawl under it with my
tin foil hat.