I have the same problem with syncing the calander that i have with my iPhone and Android phones.

If i make a app with GW Webaccess the app sync to the phone. but if i make the
app with GWClient 8.0.1 Hp1 it will not sync.

The same result for all phones i have tested.
iphone 3Gs
Sony Ericsson X10 ( Android 1.6 )
HTC Legend ( Android 2.1 )
HTC Touch Pro ( Windows Mobile 6.5 PRO )

DS = build 146
GW = 8.0.1 Hp1

the user i´m testing with, is a brand new created user.

And if i look at the Pending / Synced at the monitor it says.


DS doesn´t even see the app made by the GW Client.

Is this fixed in the 8.0.2 Beta ?

// Thanx