I have an issue where we had something go wrong with a user's iFolder
and an admin went in and deleted the actual directory of the iFolder
under /simias/SimiasFiles/06/ (it's a long alphanumeric directory name).

I just want to delete it out of the admin web page, but every time I try
to connect to it, I get "Error: Unable to connect to the iFolder
server." at the top of the page for that folder.

I tried re-creating the directory
/simias/SimiasFiles/06/68f1e735-f28b-40f8-b852-6f8c20995c8d/ifolder but
that didn't help.

Similarly, I'd like to know how to handle this situation:

1. User does a "revert" in the client, but does NOT check the box to
delete the iFolder from the server.
2. This leaves the iFolder on the server, but it no longer shows up in
the user's client to download, nor does it show up in the web interface.

I was able to delete the above folder by assigning it to a new LDAP user
as the owner, and then removing the former owner, so there was only one
user associated with the folder. Then I logged in to the web interface
as that user and selected that folder and chose "remove membership /

I cannot do the above in the first scenario, however, because the
iFolder is greyed out in the web interface and won't let me check the
box next to it.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!