hey there everyone,

I had it all running and it was running smooth for about .... hmmmm .... almmost two days. now it's still running but not as smooth as it did before. don't exactly know when and why but all of a sudden all my synced folders are double.
inbox, drafts, sent items, outbox and all of my cabinet folders have a sibling with the same name. but not the same content.
mails til 10.36 am yesterday are in both inboxes. every mail afterwards got stored in the second inbox folder.
what has happened???
for testing reasons I added another account to DS. it's a colleguage of mine who's penetrating DS with a htc whatsoever. he's got no problems and no doubled folders.
could it be related to the adressbook user you have to add during the install???
cause I used my account for that.
any of you ppl having the same or related problems???