Would someone please explain how to upload Win7 64bit printer drivers?

NetWare 6.5 SP8 with the latest post SP8 iPrint patches.
Checked Mobile iManager 2.6, but that doesn't provide a Win7 option.
Installed Workstation iManager 2.7.3 and added the latest RPM, but
when I run this on XP 32bit, Add From File gives me an error:
"Uploading resources to the Broker using 'Add From File' is not
currently supported." and when I try Add From System, I get:
"Uploading Drivers using 'Add From System' must be done using IE 5.5
or later." If I try running Workstation iManager 2.7.3 on Win7 64
bit, I get errors because I am missing the NDPS components. So how am
I supposed to upload the drivers?