I'm looking at the ReadyNAS 4200 which you can get with the optional
10Gbe port. (For those who don't know or care to look. It's just a NAS
storage unit with up to 12 sata-300 drives.) The reason I'm looking at
it is because I want a nice disk based backup system and file storage.
Wasn't looking at it for anything else.

However, the Netgear rep claims that I can run my eight virtual machines
from it (and a bit more) if I get the 10Gbe option (already have a
switch capable of using 10Gbe, but would have to get an add-on card for
the server.) Keep in mind that none of my stuff is hugely IO intensive.

I no not many here are big fans of iSCSI, but I'm am curious if anybody
here is running such a beast as I have described and how well it works.
Or if any of you are running 10Gbe iSCSI for virtual machines at all.
Just curious. Like I said my reason for purchasing this device is not
for running virtual machines, but if it is a viable option I won't pass
it by.