I have DSfW installed on OES2sp2. When I try to edit any group polices, I get an access denied error. The sysvol share on the domain controller is visible and from a windows xp sp3 workstation (no Novell client installed) I can browse to \\domain.tld\sysvol\domain.tld, but no futher and I get a message that i have no rights (as domain administrator) to the directory. Obviously, this is why I cannot edit the GPOs. Novell Documentation provides the following help in the documentation:
Setting the DFS Referral of the Server Holding the PDC Emulator Role as Active on the Workstation
To set the DFS link of the server holding the PDC Emulator role as active, execute the following procedure:

1. Browse to the SYSVOL folder by typing \\domain.tld\sysvol\ or \\ ipadress\sysvol in the file explorer. Select the domain.tld folder.
2. Right click the domain.tld folder to view the properties. Click the DFS tab. It will list two referrals.
3. Select the link of the server holding the PDC Emulator role and set it as active.

Unfortunatels, the properties window of this folder has no DFS tab to click. I have checked the PC and the DFS tab has not been disabled in the registry. I can only assume that the DFS server is not running. Is there such a thing on the DSfW server, if so, how can i check it. if such a service does not exist, how to I eit my group policies? Any help would be appreciated