Hi Susan,

I hope you won't take this post as a grievance because if it is considered as such, I really don't know where to voice this opinion. It was prompted by this post from you. Re: Is there life after Novell ?

I have read your sticky post and basically agree with everything. While there are more appropriate venues for grievances and raising issues, I can find no more appropriate venue than a forum for discussing issues. Issues need discussion and any healthy discussion invites a wide range of opinions - including negative ones.

We all deal with issues every day. Time constraints being what they are, it is impossible to deal with every single one. Issues with the greatest visibility will attract the most attention and will likely be addressed sooner rather than later. The importance of a particular issue can be assessed by the number and variety of opinions expressed in an open discussion.

I can appreciate that Novell doesn't want to host a Novell bashing forum so I'm not sure an "issues" forum would be appropriate nor do I believe that the support forums are the place for such discussions. That leaves this one.

Is there not room in this forum for such discussions when the primary intent is not to dis Novell? Perhaps you can expand your guidelines to set some limits as to just how far such discussions are allowed to go. Are there not some forum tools that allow you to close a thread after you feel the topic has been sufficiently aired? Surely this would be preferable to having no discussion at all. At the very least the original poster can be directed where to provide appropriate feedback if (s)he has not done so already.

btw... This is one of those issues that I feel would benefit from an active discussion so while the comments are addressed to Susan everyone feel free to jump in.