Ok if you've used Linux lately at least of the Suse distro, at some
point you probably needed to change video resolution.

Here's where Microsoft gets it right. If you right click on the dekstop
and go to properties, there are tabs where you can set the background,
screen saver, resolution, get to the hardware tab to change the video
driver or monitor driver, etc. It's all in one place and easy to find.

How many places do you have to go to in Suse to do that? You want to
change the video resolution because it set your monitors max to
1024x768? Go find out where they tucked Sax2 away so you can run that.
I hope you didn't look under hardware in yast, because that would be
silly to expect to find it there. Do you want to change your display
resolution? That's another place. Do you want to change the backgroun?
Ok that you can do by right clicking on the desktop.

I like linux, but in terms of user friendliness it's not quite there yet.

This is of course under KDE.. perhaps it's better with Gnome.