I recently installed DSfW Name Mapped config into an existing eDir Tree. (Other servers are OES2 SP2, OES1 and NetWare 6.5.) DNS was/is running on NetWare still.

I can not join a workstation to the domain successfully nor does it appear DSfW is fully functional (name not running).

I am following the docs and TIDs I have found to troubleshoot.

'xadcntrl status' gives the result of "Checking for nameserver BIND unused"

ps -eaf | grep name
shows name running... root 1628 27323 0 09:30 pts/0 00:00:00 grep name

/etc/hosts file only has one entry for this server's primary ip address.

/etc/resolv.conf reads:
nameserver (DFS server)
nameserver (NetWare DNS server)
nameserver (external)
search xyz

Assuming this is the issue, any thoughts on how to get 'nameserver bind' to work.