We inserted a SLES 10 SP3 OES2 server into our tree with the intentions of making this server one of our iprint servers. The server was added in the correct OU as we specified and all the rpms for the iprint server, client and management were installed during the OES2 install. After the install I was able to go to the server address and login via imanager.

At this point I want to start the driver store creation as all the documentation for managing iPrint on OES2 has stated, however when I click on the "iPrint Management" under Rolls and tasks, the only option I have is "Client Configuration".

So naturally the options to create driver stores etc... are not present.

I did some checking and found that both services "/opt/novell/iprint/init.d/novell-idsd" and "/opt/novell/iprint/init.d/novell-ipsmd" were not started and their config files located at /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf were named: idsd-template.conf and ipsmd-template.conf

Can anyone help me on what I need to do to get iPrint configured based on that information?

Thank you.