I'm in the process of moving from NetWare to OES2SP2 Linux.

iPrint is currently setup on a NW 6.5 SP8 box and all printer agents and profiles are hosted on this box.

Now I've setup a new iPrint cluster on OES2SP2 Linux, and I want to consolidate all the printer agents and profiles from the NW server to this cluster. Now if I use miggui to consolidate iPrint and migrate the printer objects to a new target context within the same tree. What efect will this have on my current setup? Will my current iPrint setup on NW continue working or will the printer agents move to the new iPrint Manager on Linux and cause problems for my users?
Basically I wanna be able to populate my new print manager with all the printer agents/profiles and switch over to it later on without changing anything for the current use on NW. Is this possible?