I'm trialling ifolder internally and for some clients, and generally it's fantastic but have noticed high memory usage in Windows client.

I see the thread at bottom from several years back, which had no resolution.
I am currently running at 309MB of ram use for simias.exe, which seems to be constant (builds from very little after restart, but plateaus here.).
This occurs at all times even between sync intervals.
I don't agree with the memory leak conclusion of the prior thread as it stops perfectly.

Elsewhere deep in the server documentation, I found a mention (Novell Documentation) of the CacheMemoryThreshold being 15%.
I understand the client and server share a lot of components of simias, and the memory I'm using happens to be almost precisely 15% of the 2GB in this machine.

Is this a king coincidence, or is it possible that as I have a 33GB data set with 90000+ files, simias is constantly caching 15% using 15% of my physical RAM?

No complaints with ifolder performance -I'm finding it awesome actually, but it seems a big overhead for the client, and if it is the cache I wonder if it could be dialed back by a config setting?