Is there any good resource available re iFolder clients for linux distros other than Suse?

I'm new to iFolder, but am finding it very good and am recommending it to a Windows based client of mine (Windows Clients with server run in an OpenSuse VM Appliance).
I don't know if it's news to anyone here, but I got to iFolder as a preferable alternative to the likes of Dropbox, with particular advantage for large data sets and capped/metered internet data. I like that I can do the initial multi-gigabyte sync fast over the local network, and then let incremental updates over the web (took some figuring, but works well -esp. with upload speeds capped at 256k)

One thing dampening my evangelism is the grief I've had trying a client install on Mandriva -my forum searching indicates I'm not alone.
It's not a huge issue for me as I'm considering toasting that machine in favour of OS 11.3 within days, but it seems better support for non-Suse distros (or at least some solid how-to information) would be a boon to uptake.

Any clues on where to look (or how to start something if anyone's interested).

Thanks, Alex