Somebody had the idea to install ifolder and to replace home
directories. While I feel enthusiastic about the former, I'm sceptic
about the latter.

Until now I had only little time to take a look at ifolder. But as far
as I unterstand, ifolder has quite a different scope as home
directories: While a home directory is a _central_ personal file storage
which can be accessed directly via different protocols (ncp, cifs, afp,
http, ftp), ifolder is a synchronisation mechanism for _local_ files. Am
I right?

So I think, ifolder is not desigend to access single files? One has to
synchronize the whole ifolder to the local disk before accessing a file?

On the other hand, if both is available, it will probably generate
additional help desk activity, to explain users wether they should use
the one or the other.

What are the experiences: Does it make sense to completely replace home
directories by ifolder? Or is ifolder in fact an optimal complement?